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Hi, I'm Erika Shannon and I'm a movement coach. I help you connect to movement so it makes sense to you, and I teach you to move your body with confidence, regardless of your skill level. I work with dancers of all levels, singers, models, new moms, and fitness enthusiasts. My signature online dance basics bootcamp, Don’t Dodge the Dance Call, has been featured in both Backstage and Playbill. On any given day, you can catch a live class with me online as part of Daily Burn’s DB365 program, or teaching at SoulCycle in New Jersey.

I have a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre from the University of Michigan, and danced professionally for over 20 years before turning my attention to teaching, choreography, fitness, and eventually motherhood. Each new skill complimented the previous one, and now, whether I’m working online, on stage, or on camera, I take a well-rounded approach with my clients, building strength, endurance, connection, and confidence in our constant state of forward motion.

I work mostly online with my clients (trust me, it works!) so you can learn in the comfort of your home or studio. I also do live workshops and seminars in the NY/NJ area, so if you’re interested in that, contact me and let’s talk!


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