Don't Dodge the Dance Call

Don’t Dodge the Dance Call is Movement Coach Erika Shannon's four-week, interactive video training series on the basic principles of dance. Perfect for singers and actors who are skittish around the movement audition, Don't Dodge was created to boost technique and confidence around dancing, in the comfort of your own home.

Learn the basics at your own pace, away from the watchful eyes of casting directors, overcrowded dance studios, and your peers! Take as much time as you need to complete it, and enjoy real time support from Erika and other members of the Don't Dodge community.

Here’s What You Get:
• 25 days of tips, videos, and tutorials on Erika’s Four Fundamentals of Dance, delivered to your inbox daily.

• 19 instructional videos on Erika’s Four Fundamentals for you to follow along and practice

• Combinations to test your new skills and put together what you learn each week

• Tips on handling tension and jitters before an audition

• Your own personal mantra for confidence

• Erika’s inside scoop on how to fake it til ya make it while you’re building your dance vocabulary

• Access to Erika’s online support community


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